Who We Are

Supporting Women and Children Affected by Domestic Violence

The Hope Believe Shine Foundation is a fundraising body supporting frontline domestic violence services. Our aim is to promote a strong domestic violence message to attract funding whilst maintaining the anonymity and the security of the services we raise funds for.

The services we support have been operating in the community for decades, actively helping women and children affected by domestic violence.

What do the organisations supported by the Hope Believe Shine Foundation offer?

The organisations supported by the Hope Believe Shine Foundation are specialist domestic violence services providing a combination of practical and therapeutic support as well as specialist support for mothers and their children. Our service providers have demonstrated results in the Aboriginal community, LGBTIQA+ community, working with young mothers, older women and working with culturally diverse communities. They are industry leaders and centres of excellence in domestic violence service provision.

The services funded through the Hope Believe Shine Foundation support women and children experiencing domestic violence when they are their most vulnerable by offering access to both practical and therapeutic support. Our services support women throughout the long journey away from abuse, helping them to heal from trauma and discover a new life. They support women in rebuilding their lives and regaining their self-worth and parenting self-esteem. These services offer a variety of entry points and a suite of services that are flexible, innovative and responsive to client needs.

Why don’t we disclose the names of the services we support?

Many domestic violence services have to maintain a low public profile, to preserve the safety of their venues for their clients and their staff. Sadly in this space perpetrators can still pose a risk to the women and children, even after they have left the relationship.

These services are continually being stretched due to inadequate funding and demand is increasing. It is important that they are supported financially so they can maintain the support they provide women and children affected by domestic violence. Our aim is to provide that support and be the public face by undertaking this important fundraising work on their behalf.

We appreciate your understanding of the complexities of the circumstances and work that these services undertake.

Making a Difference in the lives of Women and Children Affected by Domestic Violence

Through these services women have their experience validated and gain an understanding of what they have been through. These organisations help women find safe accommodation, access financial and legal support and find a safe space to talk. Women are able to access support for their children and assistance in their parenting role, building stronger, more nurturing family environments. For children, having their mother in a more stable place positively impacts on their development, their peer relationships and their capacity to engage more successfully at school and in the community.

This support gives women a sense of hope, a belief that their future can be better, that they are worthy and valued members of the community, and that someone cares about them.

Nobody should live with violence or abuse. We all have a basic human right to live in safety. Supporting the Hope Believe Shine Foundation supports women and children affected by domestic violence to find HOPE, to BELIEVE and to SHINE.

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